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In 1936 Victor H. Green published "The Green Book", at the time a life changing publication for the Afro American / negro community. It allowed members of that community to travel, visit merchants, hotels, restaurants et al without worrying about discrimination. THEAPP from LGBTQ.one will do the same in 2020 and beyond for the LGBTQ community. Sometimes it seems like we are still living in the dark ages. But now there is THEAPP! THEAPP works very much like the “Entertainment Guide” with two differences, The Entertainment Guide does not distinguish between LGBTQ friendly businesses and those that may be hostile towards members of the community. THEAPP provides a safe, friendly experience for both the merchant and the members they serve. THEAPP is completely FREE and is supported by LGBTQ friendly merchants. With LGBTQ you are assured of a safe and friendly interaction. Whether it is a jewelry store, car repair or a wedding cake you are looking for LGBTQ helps you locate a friendly merchant in your area to do business with safely. DOWNLOAD THEAPP FOR FREE TODAY!

PRESS RELEASE: LGBTQ.one Announces a Unique new web site that is a bold new style of gathering place for those of similar interests. Unlike anything before, LGBTQ.one combines Social networking, dating, shopping, classifieds, movies, games, shopping, some great giveaways, cash and prizes and even the chance of true romance. Join old friends and find new ones today at LGBTQ.one. THEAPP from LGBTQ.one is new and cutting edge technology, that can guide its user to LGBTQ friendly merchants for safe and accepting services and products. the app also has the ability to guide one to other like minded LGBTQ individuals.

When David and Charlie went into a bakery in Denver Colorado in 2012 to order a wedding cake, they didn’t know they would end up in court. In February 2019, Anna and Amanda in Arizona tried to arrange a wedding photographer and ended up on the six o’clock news. Sometimes it seems like we are still living in the dark ages. But now there is a light, now there is THEAPP! We have the technology that will allow us to live our lives peacefully and do business within a community that is kind, tolerant and accepting. THEAPP from LGBTQ.one is a revolution in inclusive geo-social commerce. Dedicated to only those businesses that prefer to do business with the LGBTQ community, THEAPP will guide you to the things you want and need day to day. From Cakes to Photographers, from Dress Makers to Hair Stylists, or maybe just a safe and accepting gathering place, whatever locations and/or services you seek, THEAPP will find it for you and assure that it is a friendly and safe experience. THEAPP from LGBTQ.one has you covered, whatever you are looking for.

Looking for someone? THEAPP has a very special feature. Whether it is a brief chat, a meet up for coffee or a long-term relationship you are looking for, THEAPP has the power to bring together people of like interests in an effective, safe and logical way. Similar to the way an entertainment guide alerts you of nearby business’s and deals offered, even when you are traveling, THEAPP keeps a lookout in a circle around you and notifies you when it detects another LGBTQ.one, THEAPP user nearby. You can define the size of the area you want to monitor. You can filter your interests so THEAPP will notify you if other persons of like interests are in your area. You can send a greeting, start a conversation, text and even video chat. You can turn the feature on when you are in the mood or off when business calls or the time is not right. Going out on the town or visiting a new city? Turn on THEAPP and go boldly where those of like minds go. Back to work the next day. Turn it off, and no signals are sent. THEAPP is vendor supported so, it’s free. NO CARD is ever required, to enter or to join our basic service. Participation is completely FREE! Stop in and look around any time. We do verify an email address just to prevent spamming.

LGBTQ.one is a totally new experience, combining social network, gathering place, meeting and dating site, and lots of games, contests and events to keep it interesting, LGBTQ.one IS UNIQUE! THEAPP Will make interactions with merchants safer for members of the LGBTQ community.

Stop in and check us out. Catch up with old friends, meet new ones. Communicate, investigate, cogitate, educate and propagate! Have fun and exchange ideas. You are always welcome here at LGBTQ

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